No More Microscopes

Less than

5-Minute            Push Button 

Fecal Egg Counts

Parasight System is a push-button fecal egg count system for veterinary clinics. No more counting. No more microscopes.  Parasight System provides instant emailed results as a digital image of parasite eggs with quantitative EPG results for strongyles and ascarids. 

The Technology

Validated. Patented.

Parasight System has been validated by several labs and major research universities and published in several peer-reviewed papers. Parasight System is the only validated fecal egg count test on the market.

Parasight System is a less than 5-Minute Push Button System.

Provides instant imaged results you can email with your recommended treatment protocol.  More accurate than McMaster, Parasight System requires NO special training.

Parasite Proof You Can See.

Push-button fecal egg counts for veterinary clinics mean no more counting and no more microscopes.  Parasight System sends instant emailed results as a digital image of parasite eggs with quantitative results:  EPGs for strongyles and ascarids.

Cost-Effective, In-House Tests.

Build revenue streams that you can rely on.  Less expensive than sending out samples to reference labs. Patented push-button technology gets you results in under 5 minutes. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Fecal egg counts are incredibly important. We need to use them to help reduce resistance with parasites. Parasight System makes fecal egg counts easy and provides our clinic a tremendous outreach tool to our clients.
Erica Lacher, DVM
Springhill Equine Veterinary Clinic, Florida
We are thrilled to have the Parasight System in our practice for Equine fecal egg counts. This automated system optimizes accuracy & precision in calibrating your horses parasite results.
Tony Kimmons, DVM
Franklin Equine Services, Tennessee
We are the FIRST Canadian veterinary practice to have the Parasight Fecal Egg Count System on board! Parasight is more accurate and more sensitive than the McMaster technique. We are excited with this addition to our in house lab.
Jodyne Green, DVM
Green Mobile Veterinary, BC

“Just did our first Parasight fecal with the new setup and it worked perfectly!”

-Amanda West, LVT and Dr. Monty McInturff, Tennessee Equine Hospital, Tennessee

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