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VMX 2023 Presentation: Parasight System Validation 

Jennifer Cain, PhD, Parasitologist

Learn about Parasight’s in depth validation from parasitologist Jennifer Cain.  This presentation was acknowledged as one of the best uses of AI technology in the companion animal field during the North American Veterinary Meeting and Exposition in Orlando, Florida, January 2023.  

North American Veterinary Meeting and Exhibition 2023
“Poo, Your Practice, and You: AI technology for improved parasite diagnostics”
Jennifer Cain, PhD and Paul Slusarewicz, PhD

Comprehensive discussion of fecal egg counts and AI technology.  Addresses global drug resistance affecting almost all available anthelmintics, breakthroughs in AI parasite detection, and practical clinical advantages of using AI driven fecal egg count technology.

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“Fighting Endemic Parasites:  New Technologies to Solve Old Challenges”
Paul Slusarewicz, PhD

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Gluck Equine Research & Service Report
“Research and Development of Fecal Egg Count Methods”
Hannah Forte 

Paul Slusarewicz, PhD, adjunct professor at the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center, and cofounder and chief scientific officer at MEP Equine Solutions LLC, is developing a method to rapidly detect and count the number of parasite eggs in feces. Slusarewicz, who began this work as a visiting scholar at UK, has been collaborating with and working in the lab of Martin Nielsen, DVM, PhD, DEVPC, DACVM, assistant professor in the Department of Veterinary Science at the Gluck Center… 

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Efficacy of targeted deworming confirmed.


Christine Barakat.  Courtesy post via EQUUS magazine.

Study confirms that use of fecal egg counts will slow the development of drug resistance in equine internal parasites.

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