Parasight System is a 2.5 minute “push-button” validated fecal egg count (FEC) test for horses, goats, and sheep that replaces McMaster and other microscope-based technologies.  Designed for in-clinic and barn use, Parasight identifies and counts strongyle and ascarid eggs for horses in less than 3 minutes fluorescence-imaging technology and an automated software counting algorithm. For more information on goat and sheep parasite testing, click here.  The Parasight System outputs as image of the parasite eggs and provides counts in eggs per gram (“EPG”) for both strongyle and ascarid ova. The easy-to-use Parasight App provides a simple user interface to display, email, and store results.

Parasight is being used in major equine hospitals and ambulatory veterinary clinics throughout the USA and Canada. 

Proven to be significantly less variable and more accurate than the traditional McMaster FEC test method, the Parasight System provides:

  •           2.5- minute test time
  •           Low consumable cost
  •           No special training requirements
  •           No manual counting or calculation 
  •           Better record keeping for capturing charges and an electronic medical record
  •           FEC & FECRT Data Management
  •           Easy-to-use software
  •           Equipment warranty and live video customer support