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Parasight System provides your clients instant results and treatment recommendations with the push of a button.  No more sending out to reference labs. No more complaints about how many fecals have been brought into the lab for processing.  Parasight is a game changer for your clinic!  Boost your lab revenue on Day 1.

Parasight System is a less than 5 minute push-button validated fecal egg count (FEC) for horses, goats, and sheep that replaces McMaster and other microscope-based technologies.  It identifies and counts strongyle and ascarid eggs for horse samples in less than 5 minutes!  Parasight for Dogs and Cats, Parasight for Pets, only takes two minutes more.  Our videos show just how easy our systems are to use!  

Proven to be significantly less variable and more accurate than the traditional FEC test method, Parasight System outputs an image of the parasite eggs and provides counts in eggs per gram (“EPG”) for both strongyle and ascarid ova.  The easy-to-use Parasight App provides a simple user interface to display, email, and store results in the cloud.  Please visit our videos and resources page for more information.

Parasight is being used in major equine hospitals, ambulatory veterinary clinics, horse farms, university labs, and racing associations in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Japan.

Low per test cost

No special training requirements

No manual counting or calculation

Electronic medical record

Results stored in email and cloud database

Easy-to-use software

Easy setup

Standardized testing

Validated system for horses, goats, and sheep

Virtual and live training and support

Equipment warranty included