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Pre-order now! Ensure you have priority access for the 2023 third quarter release of Parasight for Pets System for your clinic. NOTE: A refundable $100 deposit is collected at checkout. Parasight System Inc is offering for a limited time a pre-order of a refundable $100 deposit to secure your place in line for Parasight for Pets system. All information collected will be for this purpose. If at any time the signee wishes to withdraw their place in line for the system a 100% refund will be refunded.

PARASIGHT FOR PETS is an industry revolutionary technology for instant in-clinic digital fecal analysis for parasites in dogs and cats.

Instant digital results
Test and treat in less than 8 minutes
Can use either Loop or 1 gram sample for test
Companion and pasture animal fecal analysis supported in one system
1/3 the cost of other fecal testing methods on the market today
Results can be shared electronically to clients instantly
Easily interfaces with current Veterinary Practice Softwares
Promotes well-being care with clients due to observable & shareable results
Ability to identify parasites in dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep and goats and additional species
Offers screening test for ‘presence of’ and clinical eggs per gram (“EPG”) test to aid in determining drug resistance

Digital image results are in color coded display, according to type and count for the following intestinal parasites in dogs and cats:

Giardia (coming soon!)
Heartworms (coming soon!)

Additional parasite types are identified and counted for horses, cattle, sheep, and goats.