Dogs and Cats – COMING 2022!

Parasight for Pets

Parasight System replaces manual microscopic examination of feces for parasite eggs for dogs and cats. With Parasight, clinicians and their teams no longer have to worry about incorrect parasite detection or identification. Compact countertop design allows clinics to easily place in their labs. Parasight System is the better tool and the better choice for detecting common intestinal parasites in dogs and cats.

What is zoonosis and who is at risk for acquiring zoonotic diseases?

Zoonosis is a disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans. People at greatest risk of acquiring parasitic zoonoses are those who are most exposed to pets and their feces. The risk of acquiring canine and feline endoparasitic infections is greatest in those who contact or ingest fecally contaminated soil. Plumbers, gardeners and sunbathers are most likely to suffer cutaneous larva migrans caused by hookworms (usually Ancylostoma braziliense) or Strongyloides species. Pica and geophagia, most often seen in children and people who are mentally disabled, are predisposing factors for visceral larva migrans (Toxocara canisT. cati and Baylisascaris procyonis), toxoplasmosis and hydatid disease (Echinococcus granulosus and E. multilocularis). (Source: Companion Animal Parasite Council).

More information on Parasight for Pets coming soon.