Trial pack: Goat and Sheep (10 FEC test trial pack)


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Specifically designed for goat and sheep, this kit includes a goat and sheep FEC sample prep tool and 10 (BLUE) goat and sheep egg chambers.

Trial pack equipment IS NOT compatible for equine fecal egg counts. Please review goat and sheep sample prep instructions using the Parasight System here.

Parasight System for goats and sheep is a less than five minute test that replaces McMaster and other microscope-based technologies. Designed for in-clinic use, Parasight for goats and sheep identifies and counts round worms using an automated software counting algorithm.  The Parasight System outputs an image of the parasite eggs and provides a count in eggs per gram (“EPG”).  The easy-to-use Parasight App provides a simple user interface to display, email, and store results.

Goat and sheep fecal matter is unique from horse fecal matter in both density, consistency, and diet.  As a result, a brief centrifugation step in a floatation medium is needed to prepare the sample.  In addition, the egg chamber used for processing and imaging is unique.  For clinics who are using Parasight System for all three species we have things easy by color coding the test kit supplies:  black egg chambers for horses and blue egg chambers for goats and sheep.

Proven to be significantly less variable and more accurate than the traditional McMaster FEC test method, the Parasight System for goat and sheep uses the same hardware system used for horses.  The sample prep process and egg chamber filter are the only variances.  Parasight is in use at major equine hospitals, ambulatory veterinary clinics and veterinary schools throughout the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Which parasites are detected?

Currently, ova detected include round worms:  Trichostrongylus, Haemonchus, Ostertagia, Oesophagostomum, Chabertia and Cooperia. The test does not distinguish between these different egg types, but instead produces a total round worm count. Future versions of the system will include the ability to detect and count other parasitic helminth ova, including Strongyloides, Tricuris and Nematodirus.

Available only to current Parasight System users.



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