Parasight System Annual Lease – Low Monthly Payments

$275.00 / month and a $125.00 initial shipping fee

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Low cost monthly annual lease designed for any size clinic.  Annual lease includes complete Parasight System, push-button fecal egg count system for horses, and a first year bonus of 25 equine FEC test kit supplies (consumables) each month for the first year for only $275.00 per month.  Additional supplies may be purchased separately, discounts are provided based on volume.  Sample prep tools are available for goat/sheep/cattle as separate add-ons.

Subsequent years, a renewed lease is required at $275 per month and consumables are purchased separately.  An active annual lease is required to purchase test supplies.

Features include:

  • Parasight System hardware and reusable equine sample prep tools
  • First year bonus of 25 fecal egg count test kit supplies per month
  • Parasight Portal access, secure cloud database of clinic results
  • Customer and technical support, telephone, online and live video
  • Warranty coverage
  • Discounts on additional fecal egg count test kit supplies (consumables)
  • Goat, sheep, and cattle sample prep tools and consumables purchased as separate add-ons
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